Brass Rubbings, England, circa 1980s

Wilmer Plaque: Close-up

My friend Jeffrey sent me a package of some art supplies used by his late mother, and included some brass rubbings she made while visiting some churches and cathedrals in England in the early 1980s. The first 4 images and the text portion of the last image are from the Thomas Wilmer memorial brass plaque … Read more

Seven from Nine

Kansas State Fair Timelapse - 2011

September has always been a good month for taking pictures. Something about the changing light, angle of the sun and the beginning of fall colors adds a little extra. Following are seven photos I’ve taken during the ninth month. They are a mostly random group of shots that caught my eye, selected over a 2-3 … Read more

London, September 2006

London, September 2006

Eleven years ago today I was in London. Like today, it was Sunday, and I went out to take some pictures before heading over to Bristol for work beginning on Monday. This was my first visit to the London Tower Bridge and while I was excited, the first picture shows me still suffering a bit … Read more