A Few of My Favorite Things

Quilting and painting and baking and gardening (and kittens!), these are a few of my favorite things! I had a very unproductive month in July (not counting the setup of a new home NAS system, maybe subject of a future post) but I did get a little motivated last week.


We’ve had the singular experience of raising a group of kittens. They were born April 10th to a previous stray cat who we tamed over the spring. It’s been a very rewarding and enjoyable experience, and they are CUTE!!

Our First Quilt Store Shop Hop

We recently did our first quilt store Shop Hop, details below! The way it works is you visit participating area quilting and sewing shops. You show them your guide and they put in a sticker and also you get a commemorative block, unique to each store visited. We visited 7 stores in 5 hours, starting…

Sunflower Journey Quilt Show

We attended the Sunflower Journey Quilt show in Abilene, Kansas in late March. I’d never been to a quilt show, so had little in the way of expectations. What we found was a very nice display of quilts and a few vendors. The most fascinating booth was the one where a computerized quilting machine was…

Learning to Quilt

Continuing were I left off last post, I’ve created a few new quilt blocks and I’ve done my first bit of actual quilting! I’ve created a number of different blocks over the past couple of months, which has taught me a lot. It’s also a lot of fun, especially in terms of being creative with…