Brass Rubbings, England, circa 1980s

Wilmer Plaque: Close-up

My friend Jeffrey sent me a package of some art supplies used by his late mother, and included some brass rubbings she made while visiting some churches and cathedrals in England in the early 1980s. The first 4 images and the text portion of the last image are from the Thomas Wilmer memorial brass plaque … Read more

Linocut Covfefe Cup

Covfefe Cup Red & Blue

Encouraged by yesterday’s results, I wanted to try creating another linocut, but wanted something easy to cut and more formal than anything I could draw by hand. This lead me to search for simple, easy patterns, and I came across this coffee cup. (While it’s OK to copy art for purposes of learning, it’s not … Read more

A Painterly Kind of Day

A Painterly Kind of Day

The winds were howling and gusting all day, so I spent the afternoon dabbling with my watercolors. I painted 4 copies of an exercise designed to build skills with layered washes. Part of why I did multiples is so that one could dry while I worked on another! I also have ended up with a … Read more