Wild & Free Watercolor Set

Wild & Free Watercolors

I tried out a new set of handmade watercolor paints for the first time today, creating a color chart that demonstrates how each color mixes with the other. Wild & Free, created by DesignsbyRachelBeth and sold via her Etsy store, is a set of 5 handmade, half pan watercolors. The colors include a middle yellow, … Read more

Colorful Covfefe Cups

Linocut Palette: Start to Finish

I’ve just completed cutting and printing my first original linocut design! Previously I’d used images that were licensed for re-use under a Creative Commons license, but I really wanted to do an original design. The simple watercolor palette I chose is a good design for a beginner. It has a bunch of straight (in theory) … Read more

Grand Canyon Hike: Mules on the Trail

Grand Canyon Hike

One of my peak experiences of 2017 was a hike I took in mid-December. I hiked the Bright Angel Trail at the Grand Canyon, where I walked not quite a mile into the canyon, descending 600 feet along the way. Mid-winter and the trail was, not crowded, but by no means empty. This part of … Read more