Another Special Birthday

Fly Fishing near Estes Lake

I’ve celebrated a few birthdays with Sheryl, and this one, spent in Estes Park, is no exception in terms of being special. We spent an enjoyable day up here in the Rocky Mountains following her favorite breakfast and followed by a good dinner at a modern Mexican style restaurant. I have to admit though, that … Read more

Grand Canyon Hike

Grand Canyon Hike: Mules on the Trail

One of my peak experiences of 2017 was a hike I took in mid-December. I hiked the Bright Angel Trail at the Grand Canyon, where I walked not quite a mile into the canyon, descending 600 feet along the way. Mid-winter and the trail was, not crowded, but by no means empty. This part of … Read more

A Walk Around Bear Lake

Bear Lake, Rocky Mts

In June we went to Boulder to catch the Dead & Company shows on Friday and Saturday. That was fun, as expected. The weather was great, the music was hot and it was great to be there! On the Thursday before, we were out visiting the Rocky Mountains, and drove out to Bear Lake. I … Read more

Kings River Overlook

Kings River Overlook, NW Arkansas

We took a short trip to Arkansas in early June. Besides the usual sight-seeing, I took a short hike up to the Kings River Overlook. It’s located less than an hour from Eureka Springs, with about 20 minutes of that on graveled forest service roads. I had some uncertainty about the exact route, but the … Read more

River Walk with Steven

Smoky Hill River, April 2014

My brother Steven and I took a hike down the Meadowlark Trail after lunch today. I’ve commented before about how I see things differently at the “speed of bike.” Turns out the speed of walking allows for even more awareness of one’s surroundings. I took a few photos of the Smoky Hill River, and the … Read more