Lovely Kansas from Above

Above Winchester Road

Monday was a rare day for spring, with virtually no wind. It was warm, with a few clouds, and late in the day we took off so I could practice flying the drone and taking pictures. The first spot is one of my favorite places to ride my bicycle as well as go on leisurely … Read more

Above Mushroom Rock Park

Above Mushroom Rock Park

Spring in Kansas means a lot of wind, so I haven’t been able to do much flying this month. Today was almost calm, and I got some flight time in. We were up north of Kanopolis Lake, at Mushroom Rock park. I spent most of the time just getting familiar with the unit, flying further … Read more

Everything Old is New Again

Sunflowers on the Meadowlark Trail

I’m re-reading The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, a late 60s account by William Shirer, a reporter who had observed and reported on Hitler since the 1920s. Very interesting to read again with a more mature perspective; I missed a whole lot the first time! I know that in a historical sense, the … Read more

First Shots from My Drone

Drone's eye view of the Old Mill

I’ve been interested in getting a small quad-copter, also known as a drone, for a while now. But, the high price for something that could be crashed and rendered inoperable caused me to hold off. There are a number of drone manufacturers, but the leading one, DJI has had great success with their Phantom line, … Read more