Rose Hill Fire

Rose Hill Fire

There was a planned burn northeast of the Rose Hill Cemetery today and I got a few good shots. Also caught the resident peacock on display! Click any image to see larger version and to view images as part of a slide show. You may easily share on Facebook and Twitter from after clicking; try … Read more

Faris Caves Photos

Faris Cave Drive

After far too long an absence we took a trip out to Faris Caves (sometimes spelled Farris Caves) late Saturday afternoon. The weather was gorgeous with no wind and temperatures in the high 60s. I took a number of shots after we got there and hiked over to the river, but didn’t search for a … Read more

20 Gallon Planted Tank at 3 Months

20 gallon planted tank

It’s been a bit over 3 months since I first set up a planted aquarium. I haven’t posted as many updates as I originally planned, but have kept up reasonably well in terms of taking photos. So following a brief update, there are 7 photos of the tank taken at various times since November. I’ve purchased … Read more