Seven Years Cycling

7 Years Cycling:Bayshore Sunset

I took up cycling 7 years ago today when I got a new bike for Father’s Day. I had ridden a handful of times in the previous decade, but since that Father’s Day I’ve ridden over 14,000 miles! It literally changed my life. I’m happier and healthier than before I started, and can say I’m … Read more

Sandhill Cranes in Kearney Nebraska

Sandhill Cranes at sunset

In mid-March we took a spur of the moment trip up to Kearney Nebraska to view the migrating Sandhill Cranes. The migration season lasts about 6 weeks and we were there a little bit before the peak. Put another way, around 400,000 of the eventual 600,000 cranes were in the area when we were visiting. … Read more

A Very Long Day

Sunrise on a Very Long Day

On the road in Utah before the sun comes up and still driving through Kansas 5 hours after it goes down makes for a very long day! We were headed home from visiting our daughter and granddaughter in Turlock, and had one more night on the road and then one more day driving. A short … Read more

Road Trip: Gallup, NM

Train at the Continental Divide

The best green chili I’ve ever had was at the el Rancho restaurant in Gallup, New Mexico. First recommended by my friend and colleague Brent Thompson almost 20 years ago, I’ve been fortunate to enjoy their chili at least 1/2 dozen times and can report it’s still as good as ever! It is also very … Read more

Three From a Bike

Elevator at Sunset

I rode my bike late in the day and captured 3 striking images of scenes that at other times of the day would have gone unnoticed. It started with the backlit trees on the Välkommen Trail. Something caught my eye so I stopped to take some photos. Later, as I was crossing Lincoln, the flags … Read more

Dusk at Clinton Lake

Clinton Lake Fawn

We drove up to Lawrence today in order to get a head start on the 4 plus hour drive to our eclipse viewing location. We’ll be observing the eclipse (clouds, per the current forecast) just east of Reserve, Kansas, a little town about a mile from the Nebraska border. Towards sunset we headed over to … Read more

Favorite Photos from 2016

NYE at Emerald Lake, Lindsborg

I’ve selected my favorite photos from 2016 and am happy to share them here on my blog and elsewhere. I posted 39 of them on Flickr, and my favorite of the favorites, below. You can click on any of them to see a larger version. I also created a video of these photos, set to … Read more

Last Bike Ride of 2016

Sunset at Emerald Lake

Beautiful day, high 30s, almost no wind. It was late in the day, so that added to the beauty of the ride. Here are 5 shots from the ride. The first is at the Smoky Hill River and the last four are at the opposite end of town, at Emerald Lake. Happy New Year!

600 Miles in Two Months

Sunset on the Smoky Hill River

This post marks big milestone in my cycling “career.” I just finished riding every day in November. I guess you could call it an unoffical “30 Days of Cycling.” No particular reason, but once I had reached 20 or so days in a row I decided to try and complete the cycle. (sorry) It wasn’t … Read more