20 Gallon Planted Tank at 3 Months

It’s been a bit over 3 months since I first set up a planted aquarium. I haven’t posted as many updates as I originally planned, but have kept up reasonably well in terms of taking photos. So following a brief update, there are 7 photos of the tank taken at various times since November.

I’ve purchased a second set of plants since the last update and added a few fish as well, including dwarf gouramis and peacock gudgeons. I also added a second light and a CO2 system and have begun trying to figure out the best fertilizer regimen. I began by using Seachem liquid fertilizers and they’ve worked reasonably well. The plants have grown and there’s only occasional algae.

More on CO2, fertilizers and all that in a separate post. Today’s article features seven shots of the tank, starting back in early December, when it was barely a week old, up through late last week, right after the CO2 was added.

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