Glowrocks 2014

Hardystonite, Clinohedrite, Willemite & Calcite

I took a few photos of some of our most colorful fluorescent minerals. The rocks were lit with a shortwave UV lights. They are all from the Franklin, New Jersey area and like all minerals from that region, are extremely colorful! The different colors indicate the different minerals: Barite, cream Calcite, red Clinohedrite, orange Franklinite, … Read more

Meadowlark Trail, Smoky Hill River

Meadowlark Trail

I rode my normal route this morning, and then having extra time since it was the weekend, I rode on down the Meadowlark Trail. It’s been recently “surfaced” and by that I mean the previously rocky and somewhat difficult to ride trail has been covered with a layer of very hard packed dirt. It’s very … Read more

This Explains Everything

Mad Descarte

I read this comic as a pretty young kid. I remember I impressed Pastor Molander during our Thursday Church Release sessions, due to the fact I had heard of Descarte. It didn’t matter so much why or how I knew, he appeared to be amazed that a 7th grader was aware of the man and … Read more

East of Lindsborg

Looking West

Sheryl, Sparkle and I took a nice drive late this afternoon. We ended up heading east for a number of miles, just enjoying the late summer peace and quiet along with the views of the rolling hills that are present out that way. We stopped and picked some surprisingly sweet Sand Hill plums and of … Read more

Lindsborg Car Show

Lindsborg Car Show

I attended the car show in the park and took some photos. I don’t have much experience shooting cars, and haven’t been happy with the results in the past, but today seemed to work out OK. You can click any image to see a larger version. There are more images from the show on Flickr … Read more