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Snowy Trees

Snow covered trees and surrounding grounds

I haven’t made any snow related posts in a few years, and last night’s snow was heavier than usual, so I took some pictures. It snowed hard and was very windy all night, but today is relatively calm, sunny and bright!

Homemade Pepper Relish

Chopped Peppers for Relish

The first 3 pictures are from 2021. That’s because I’ve been making this pepper relish for three harvests and am only now posting the recipe! The last two are from this year’s relish project. This year’s batch is a bit warmer, as I had a LOT of peppers at the end of the season, so…

Cool Colorado

Peaceful Park View

We made a short visit to Colorado earlier this month. It was too early to catch fall colors, but any time you get to spend in Rocky Mountain National Park is a good time. Below are a few photos from our recent visit. I got some nice views I got while climbing the rocks at…


PicSurprise! screenshot after I learned font styling, name, showing image of Maroon Bells, CO

For reasons not entirely understood, I undertook to program an app using SwiftUI and Xcode on my Mac. I succeeded! Having previously written a bot for Mastodon which, upon request, shares a random image from this blog, that’s where I decided to start. For the bot, I created a rich data source with image names,…

Spring Flowers

Red Tulip with Yellow Center

I took these photos in April and forgot to post them. My tulips are in their second year and doing well. The surprise was the hyacinths. This is their first year and they all bloomed! They hyacinths and the (not shown) peonies (which also bloomed their first year) are courtesy of Brent and Becky’s; highly…

Shop Hop Rocks!

Monument Rocks

April means it’s time once again for the annual Kansas Nebraska Shop Hop! We participated in our first one last year and have done two Shop Hop related treks so far this year. This is the story of our 2nd … When we visit Colorado we pass by many tempting signs advertising quilt shops. But,…

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