power of “branding”

I needed a web template. 3 column, css based. one I had used before. I couldn’t remember the name, and google returned entirely too many hits. I remembered the site had the word blue in it. bluedomino? no, so I just searched for ” template 3 column blue”. 5th link; bluerobot. had I not remembered … Read more

Karaoke via Dictionary

Thanks to BrettB for this most excellent parody site, where a variety of songs are “sung” using the spoken words from online dictionaries. Yes, that’s exactly what the site is, and you’ll just have to hear it for yourself! 🙂 Dictionaraoke Mirror Site

Interview “under god” judge

Here’s an interesting, though short, interview w/the 79 yr old, WWII combat vet, judge who recently led a 9th Court ruling against the use of “under god” in the pledge of allegiance. Goodwin Isn

Let Freedom Ring

Now, more than ever (hey, it was a good turn of words), the need for vigilence in protecting freedom is necessary. Declan’s quoting of a set of links to the essential documents defining america’s values deserves a wide audience. Read it at his politech site, or I’ve mirrored it below. politechbot.com: Happy Anniversary-of-American-Independence Day! [fusion_builder_container … Read more

Presidential Orders

I don’t often agree with the shrub, but this memo, ostensibly leaked from the navel postgraduate school, seems to suggest a reasonable course of action. Note too that only the day, not the date, is specified, so this can be an ongoing campaign. Subject: Saturday afternoon activities The President of the United States, George W. … Read more

Open Source Update

Tim O’Reilly writes an interesting perspective piece regarding open source vendors, how s/w is actually used, and some finishing comments regarding the politicization of the whole process. O’Reilly Network: The Strange Case of the Disappearing Open Source Vendors [Jun. 28, 2002]

Now That You Mention It

I was reviewing David Hyatt’s site and found his comments regarding the season finale of The West Wing meshed almost exactly with mine. It’s pretty hard to engage in ‘suspension of belief’ with so many obvious plot holes. I hadn’t really thought about the bullet-proof vest before; the fact he appeared to assume there was … Read more

It’s the Space Between the Beat

This concept, lowercase sound, makes some sense to me. When I’m working I often am only barely aware of the music I’m listening to; I’m so involved in what I’m doing. Music that is barely there, so to speak, might be just the thing. or maybe not. Whisper the Songs of Silence

Some Say the Ads are the Best Part

I love this kind of stuff! When I was a young (right before & after learning to read) kid I used to spend hours looking at National Geographic magazines provided by my Aunt Mildred and Uncle Bernard. I was fascinated by the ads, and for some reason, the Union-Carbide ads were particularly appealing. This high … Read more