Iris My Case

Rust/Orange Iris

For the past couple of weeks, Lindsborg has felt like “Iris Town” when I’m out riding my bike. There are irises in bloom all over town! And for a couple of weeks I’ve not taken any pictures. Oh, it’s cloudy, the colors will be faded. Oh, it’s too close to noon, the colors will be … Read more

A Spring Day Around Lindsborg

Spring Day in Lindsborg

Let’s start the month in which I celebrate the 14th anniversary of this blog with a slice of life post. I rode my bike around town this afternoon, and took a few photos of the many beautiful flowers I saw. I wish I could capture the scents as well; for a few days there are … Read more

Smiling on a Cloudy Day

Spring Clouds, May 2014

I wanted to share these cloud photos I took late this afternoon. While no storms arose from these clouds, it is thundering at the time of this writing, around midnight. I especially love the first picture. It looks a lot like a painting to me. These were all taken northeast of Lindsborg, with the first … Read more