Leaning Elevator of Lindsborg

Leaning Elevator of Lindsborg

Built in 1961, it started leaning almost immediately. The story is that it was filled prematurely, before everything had set. An emergency release of the stored grain prevented the problem from getting any worse. Over the years, the lean has been stabilized and even reduced a little, but it still has a very definite list!

Three From a Bike

Elevator at Sunset

I rode my bike late in the day and captured 3 striking images of scenes that at other times of the day would have gone unnoticed. It started with the backlit trees on the Välkommen Trail. Something caught my eye so I stopped to take some photos. Later, as I was crossing Lincoln, the flags … Read more

Nice Light at the Old Mill

Old Mill Museum, Lindsborg, KS

We dropped by the Old Mill Museum on the Smoky Hill River in Lindsborg late this afternoon and were rewarded with some very engaging light. So naturally I took a few photos. The last one was processed using the Fractalius filter to try and give a pen and ink effect.

A Spring Day Around Lindsborg

Spring Day in Lindsborg

Let’s start the month in which I celebrate the 14th anniversary of this blog with a slice of life post. I rode my bike around town this afternoon, and took a few photos of the many beautiful flowers I saw. I wish I could capture the scents as well; for a few days there are … Read more