Lunatica Solstice Playing Cards

Lunatica Solstice: Queen of Spades (fractalized)

My interest in paper collectibles, previously focused on stamp collecting, has expanded into a new area: playing cards. Turns out there is a whole industry out there, a few years old, focused on designing and creating a wide variety of playing cards featuring updated, modern designs, many paying homage to classic cards from the past. … Read more

Grand Canyon Crow

Grand Canyon Crow

In lieu of a “real” blog post I present this photo of a crow overlooking the Colorado River at the far eastern end of the Grand Canyon. Image has been slightly “fractalized*.” *Processed using the Fractalius filter.

Orchid Trio

Fractalius Orchid

Sheryl got a very cool looking orchid while we were in California last year. We managed to get it home safely and it’s starting to bloom, for the first time since it arrived in Kansas. Having been in a bit of a photographic slump I decided to see if I could get anything going with … Read more