7 Years Cycling:Bayshore Sunset

Seven Years Cycling

I took up cycling 7 years ago today when I got a new bike for Father’s Day. I had ridden a handful of times in the previous decade, but since that Father’s Day I’ve ridden over 14,000 miles! It literally changed my life. I’m happier and healthier than before I started, and can say I’m … Read more

2018 Bianchi Infinito Celeste

Bianchi Infinito Celeste 2018

I got my first new bike in 6 years, and she’s a beauty if I do say so myself! Presenting my 2018 Bianchi Infinito Celeste, a modern road bike that is built more towards comfort than speed, though she’s still plenty fast. She rides like a dream and I expect to ride many thousands of … Read more