Sparkle's Last Great Walk

He Was a Good Dog

RIP Sparkle, 2003-2017 This photo is from mid-January. This was his last good, long walk before he died in early February. I love this photo for many reasons. His back is to us, … Read more

Sheryl's heart attack: before

Greatest Story Ever Told

The most chilling words I’ve ever heard came almost exactly one year ago, a little after midnight on Monday, October 21st, 2014. I was at the emergency room in Lindsborg with my wife … Read more

This is what retirement looks like

Saturday Cleaning

I’ve spent the day going through various checklists, downloading old perf reviews (resume fodder in there 🙂 and various other sundry clean up tasks. Though a remote worker for 10+ years, there is … Read more

Mike at work

Upon the Occasion of my Retirement

I sent the note shown at the end of this post to friends and colleagues at work today. I’ve hinted and talked about my impending retirement without actually coming out and saying it.  I am … Read more