August 9th

Missing Jerry

There were days And there were days And there were days between Some dates resonate over and over in folks lives, almost serving as a portent of momentous things to come. August 9th is such a date in my family’s life and in my personal experience. Let’s take a look. 1945 – Nagasaki was struck … Read more

Scenes from Early 2018

March - Sand Hill Cranes

It’s the so-called dog days of summer and there’s nothing new to blog about. So I thought I’d share a selection of my favorite photos from the first 7 months of the year, one per month. I haven’t taken near as many pictures this year as in years past, but I am happy with the … Read more

Louisville Bike Trails, Redux

Dead and Company

We took a quick trip to see Dead & Company play at Folsom Field in Boulder earlier this month. We had just been to Estes Park in June, so no real touristy stuff this trip. We stayed in Louisville, and I was able to further explore the bike trails in the area which was great … Read more

Estes & Bear Lakes

Bear Lake View

We went to Estes Park at the end of May to celebrate Sheryl’s birthday. The day before her birthday it seemed like I had all the fun as I biked around Estes Lake in the morning and hiked around Bear Lake in the afternoon! Here are some photos from each activity.

Multiple Site Updates Performance Graph

Over the past month I’ve made a number of changes to this site and many of the other sites I manage. The changes revolved around two main areas: Converting key sites to https Moving sites to WordPress Network configuration Thanks to the work done by the good folks at LetsEncrypt to make certs freely available … Read more

Buddy Guy, Smokin’ at 82!

Buddy Guy, Cotillion Ballroom

We saw Buddy Guy this past Father’s Day at the Cotillion Ballroom in Wichita, Kansas. It was our first time at the ballroom and the 2nd time we had seen Buddy. I’d heard of the Cotillion since I was a kid; I think their advertising must have paid a big chunk of KFDI radio’s budget … Read more

Seven Years Cycling

7 Years Cycling:Bayshore Sunset

I took up cycling 7 years ago today when I got a new bike for Father’s Day. I had ridden a handful of times in the previous decade, but since that Father’s Day I’ve ridden over 14,000 miles! It literally changed my life. I’m happier and healthier than before I started, and can say I’m … Read more

Another Special Birthday

Fly Fishing near Estes Lake

I’ve celebrated a few birthdays with Sheryl, and this one, spent in Estes Park, is no exception in terms of being special. We spent an enjoyable day up here in the Rocky Mountains following her favorite breakfast and followed by a good dinner at a modern Mexican style restaurant. I have to admit though, that … Read more

Bianchi Infinito Celeste 2018

2018 Bianchi Infinito Celeste

I got my first new bike in 6 years, and she’s a beauty if I do say so myself! Presenting my 2018 Bianchi Infinito Celeste, a modern road bike that is built more towards comfort than speed, though she’s still plenty fast. She rides like a dream and I expect to ride many thousands of … Read more

Dark Skies, Country Roads

Salemsborg Church

We were driving home during the golden hour and the light was particularly striking today, so I stopped to take few pictures. The Salemsborg Church, north of Lindsborg, is spectacularly highlighted with the dark clouds behind, and the near by power lines gleam with the bright sunshine.