High Waters at Kanopolis

Above Kanopolis Spillway Looking East

After days of rain, followed by snow, the water level Kanopolis Lake is getting quite high. They are releasing a record amount of water which makes for a thunderous scene at the spillway. This is the most water I’ve ever seen rushing from the dam! Here are some photos taken around the lake as well … Read more

Painting with Fountain Pen Ink

Sunset Palms

Both as a distraction from current events and as a new creative venture, I used fountain pen ink to create a few different watercolor paintings a couple of days ago. The ink is much stronger than watercolor paints, and since I mostly use permanent inks, that means most of them are staining. I also noticed, … Read more

Leaning Elevator of Lindsborg

Leaning Elevator of Lindsborg

Built in 1961, it started leaning almost immediately. The story is that it was filled prematurely, before everything had set. An emergency release of the stored grain prevented the problem from getting any worse. Over the years, the lean has been stabilized and even reduced a little, but it still has a very definite list!