Puffers in Exile

Puffers in Exile

Well, not really exile, more of a temporary home while their main home is rebuilt. Due to a couple of reasons, we relocated the inhabitants of our 38 gallon tank to a new home, a 20 gallon long aquarium. The puffers in question are small, less than one inch, fresh water fish that originally come … Read more

Nice Light at the Old Mill

Old Mill Museum, Lindsborg, KS

We dropped by the Old Mill Museum on the Smoky Hill River in Lindsborg late this afternoon and were rewarded with some very engaging light. So naturally I took a few photos. The last one was processed using the Fractalius filter to try and give a pen and ink effect.

The View from 400 Feet

Coronado Heights from Above

It was a nice spring day, sunny and with only a slight breeze, so I took out my drone to gain some practice flying and taking photos and videos while flying. I had some pretty good results on the photo front and here are my favorites from today. The first two are taken near Coronado … Read more

Life’s a Puzzle

Ravensburger: Venice, Windows of The World

I’ve recently spent some time working on a couple of jigsaw puzzles. I’ve never really spent any time working them since I was a kid, but I had these two lying around and decided to give it a go. The first is a Charles Harper image titled Mystery of the Missing Migrants. I purchased it … Read more

A Painterly Kind of Day

A Painterly Kind of Day

The winds were howling and gusting all day, so I spent the afternoon dabbling with my watercolors. I painted 4 copies of an exercise designed to build skills with layered washes. Part of why I did multiples is so that one could dry while I worked on another! I also have ended up with a … Read more

He Was a Good Dog

Sparkle's Last Great Walk

RIP Sparkle, 2003-2017 This photo is from mid-January. This was his last good, long walk before he died in early February. I love this photo for many reasons. His back is to us, signalling he has moved on. His shadow is long, reflecting what a long shadow he cast over our lives. And his ears … Read more

Favorite Photos from 2016

NYE at Emerald Lake, Lindsborg

I’ve selected my favorite photos from 2016 and am happy to share them here on my blog and elsewhere. I posted 39 of them on Flickr, and my favorite of the favorites, below. You can click on any of them to see a larger version. I also created a video of these photos, set to … Read more

Annual Cycling Report 2017

Cycling Report 2011-2017

I rode my bike a lot as a kid. It was how we all got around back then. And of course my daily paper route, delivering the Hutchinson News, racked up a lot of miles. I rode for a while when we first moved to California, but eventually tapered off to practically nothing by the … Read more