Mike’s Barley Beef Soup

Beef Barley Soup

Here is my recipe for Barley Beef Soup. It’s a small recipe, serving 2-4 people and can be easily expanded. Barley Beef Soup 1/2 pounds beef (stew meat, flatiron steak, etc), cut into bite-size pieces 1/2 cup dried pearl barley 1 clove garlic, minced 1/2 (sweet) onion, peeled and diced 4 ribs celery, diced 4 … Read more

Fall at Maroon Bells Colorado

Maroon Bells

Ever since seeing a photo of Maroon Bells a few years back, I’ve wanted to go see them in person. We usually go the Boulder area when we visit Colorado, so I knew it would take special planning to visit a location that’s a good 5 hour drive from Boulder. We initially planned to stay … Read more

Can’t Go Back Home

Jerry Garcia, 1980

We didn’t mean to. Try to go home that is. What we were going to do was go see the Grateful Dead cover band Dark Star Orchestra. While it’s true we’d never heard them before, we had heard they were an enjoyable group and of course we were familiar with their music. So we got … Read more

Snowmass: A Quick Ride Down

Snowmass Village Downhill Bike Ride

I managed to get in two bike rides during a recent visit to Colorado to view the fall colors. The first was a decent length ride in Aurora, similar to a ride I did a couple of years ago. (Same trail, just didn’t ride quite as far.) The second ride, while much shorter, was unique … Read more

3 Sisters: an 80 Year Bond

3 Sisters

Ida Laurina (Lindberg-Anderson) Cipra was born on this day 100 years ago! She was raised in the Rose Hill farming neighborhood northeast of Lindsborg and is buried in the Rose Hill cemetery. All four of her grandparents were born in Sweden. More importantly, she’s the mother of my wife Sheryl. She shared a life long … Read more

London, September 2006

London, September 2006

Eleven years ago today I was in London. Like today, it was Sunday, and I went out to take some pictures before heading over to Bristol for work beginning on Monday. This was my first visit to the London Tower Bridge and while I was excited, the first picture shows me still suffering a bit … Read more

Epic August Expedition

Out in the country

I needed 25 miles to reach the 300 mile mark for August. A simple ride to the bridge and back would give me 22. I decided to take my off-road bike and head to the bridge and beyond. In the end I ended up with 27 miles and a most satisfying ride. Following are pictures … Read more

Puffers Return Home

32 gallon planted tank

Last time we checked, our puffers had moved to a temporary home pending the move of their tank to a new stand. Well, the stand (unfinished) has been purchased, and while I’ve never done anything like this before, I managed to stain and seal the unit. I set it up this week and moved the … Read more

Eclipse 2017

Eclipse 2017 Almost Gone

A couple of months ago, when I first started making plans to watch the eclipse, I noticed that totality would occur in southern Nebraska, barely a two hour drive up highway 81. In other words, straight north from home. Well, a month later I saw a Kansas Eclipse t-shirt and thought, I live in Kansas, … Read more

Dusk at Clinton Lake

Clinton Lake Fawn

We drove up to Lawrence today in order to get a head start on the 4 plus hour drive to our eclipse viewing location. We’ll be observing the eclipse (clouds, per the current forecast) just east of Reserve, Kansas, a little town about a mile from the Nebraska border. Towards sunset we headed over to … Read more