Coronado Heights

LCH Lobby Photos

In late 2010 the Lindsborg Community Hospital remodeled their main entrance lobby. The hospital has a history of displaying art (mostly paintings) by local artists, including some by their own staff. So it wasn’t a big surprise that the decision was  made to use photographs from the Smoky Valley as one of the elements of … Read more

Lower formation, stage right

Behold Red Rocks!

Red Rocks Amphitheater, west of Denver near the small town of Morrison, is a majestic place to see a concert, or for that matter, just to visit. Red Rocks! Just to hear the name invokes fond memories for almost all deadheads, as the Grateful Dead were known for performing some amazing concerts in this unbelievable … Read more


Goodbye to Mugs

Bad news, bad news Come to me where I sleep Turn, turn, turn again Sayin’ one of your friends Is in trouble deep RIP Mugs. Our 4 year old rescue cat had to be put down today. Between the diabetes, the feline HIV and his current infection, he had no chance. He was, like all … Read more