Out in the country

Epic August Expedition

I needed 25 miles to reach the 300 mile mark for August. A simple ride to the bridge and back would give me 22. I decided to take my off-road bike and head to the bridge and beyond. In the end I ended up with 27 miles and a most satisfying ride. Following are pictures … Read more

32 gallon planted tank

Puffers Return Home

Last time we checked, our puffers had moved to a temporary home pending the move of their tank to a new stand. Well, the stand (unfinished) has been purchased, and while I’ve never done anything like this before, I managed to stain and seal the unit. I set it up this week and moved the … Read more

Eclipse 2017 Almost Gone

Eclipse 2017

A couple of months ago, when I first started making plans to watch the eclipse, I noticed that totality would occur in southern Nebraska, barely a two hour drive up highway 81. In other words, straight north from home. Well, a month later I saw a Kansas Eclipse t-shirt and thought, I live in Kansas, … Read more

Clinton Lake Fawn

Dusk at Clinton Lake

We drove up to Lawrence today in order to get a head start on the 4 plus hour drive to our eclipse viewing location. We’ll be observing the eclipse (clouds, per the current forecast) just east of Reserve, Kansas, a little town about a mile from the Nebraska border. Towards sunset we headed over to … Read more

Dam at Geary State Fishing Lake

Geary County Drive

We took a drive over to Geary County today. Nominally we were headed to the Geary County State Park so I could visit the Geary Lake Falls. We made it to the lake but I passed on hiking to the falls. It was a bit warm and they were probably not flowing at this time … Read more