Saturday Cleaning

I’ve spent the day going through various checklists, downloading old perf reviews (resume fodder in there 🙂 and various other sundry clean up tasks. Though a remote worker for 10+ years, there is still the virtual desk to clean out, phone numbers and web sites to note.

It’s hard to close the door on 35 years of consistency. There are patterns and assumptions, interactions and relations that will be very different in the future. One thing I don’t have to get used to is NOT walking in the door of the office every day; as a telecommuter, I gave that up almost 11 years ago.

For the last time (at this job 😉 I’ve gone to bed worrying about how some issue (sorry, opportunity) was going to be resolved and in particular what I would be doing to make it so.

I will want and need to go back to work for a few more years before I *really* retire, but am looking forward to relaxing for a few months first.

It’s interesting as well in a job where I’ve had remote access since at least 1984, that my time really only truly ends when I’m cut off from corporate network access and no longer receive work related emails, sometime late Sunday/early Monday. Even if I had walked out of the office on Friday, I would still linger as long as possible.

(I’m wondering if there is enough lag in the system that I will see my own “leavers” notice before I go?)

This is what retirement looks like!
This is what retirement looks like!