Elinchrom in the studio

First Elinchrom Shots

No doubt, there are many disadvantages to having a birthday near Christmas. But, as it turns out, there is one advantage; I can often get my “best” present early, especially if it’s something photography related. This year was no exception, and today I unpacked a 2 light studio flash kit from Elinchrom. But before going … Read more

Riding in December

I Ride My Bike

I think Rules #5 and #9 are related. Today’s bike ride photo, taken in that spirit. Also, the 15th day in a row that I rode my bike. And, 108 miles until I break 2000 miles for the year. It’s tough but possible I think. I will note that dark clouds with winds just under … Read more

Studio Mike

First Formal Flash Foray

I’ve decided to learn how to take photographs under more controlled lighting conditions using external light sources. I usually shoot outdoors, in available light, and focus mostly on landscapes and scenic shots with few people present. I do use an on-camera flash for holidays and birthdays, but those are casual shots, usually not posed, and … Read more

20 gallon planted tank with new driftwood

20 Gallon Planted Tank

I had the week of Thanksgiving off from work, and early in the week began setting up a new aquarium. It’s been 10 years since we dismantled our tanks before moving back to Lindsborg and I’ve successfully fought the urge to set up tanks since then, but this time I gave in. I’m doing something … Read more

Keep on Truckin' On!

Keep Your Day Job

Wo-oah, what I want to know, where does the time go? So goes the plaintive refrain of Uncle John’s Band and today I have the same question. It really does seem like just yesterday that I changed my commute, from driving up 101 to the Whipple exit on my way to work at GTE Lenkurt … Read more