Mr Fox

I had the good fortune to come across mr fox while riding my bike on the trail earlier today.

I was deep in thought, only paying enough attention to not run into anybody/thing, when I saw a flash of orange.

I quickly realized it may have been a fox, so slammed on the brakes and took a look around.

There, maybe 30 yards ahead of me, was another fox, just about to jump into the bushes.

Fox on Trail
Fox on Trail


I clicked my tongue at him, told him not to be scared and asked if I could get closer for a picture. He froze (my dr doolittle act worked?) while I continued chattering and moving forward until I was about 10 yards away.

He then disappeared into the bushes, following the first one.

I recall there was some concern about a rabid fox earlier this year. I’m confident this one is not. He was afraid, not friendly, but curious. He kept a very close eye on me, and was ready to bolt. Based on the timing of my photos, he stuck around for exactly 47 seconds.

Maybe it’s the little boy in me, but I love running across these beautiful creatures when out riding the trail.