Marriage Assistance

I hear that Congress, apparently faced with no other matters of any great importance, next week will take on the topic of marriage, and discuss the Marriage Protection Amendment.

It’s about time I say. Look at the statistics! The divorce rate is higher than ever, infidelity is a way of life (especially for many politicians) and as the main stream media told us last week, it’s really important to know how often Bill and Hillary, well you know what they were talking about. I’m not looking forward to what’s coming next, as I think personal business is personal business, but I will watch with interest as the personal, private state of ALL politicians’marriages are brought to light. If they are going to legislate morality for the rest of us, the certainly must be above reproach themselves!

Seriously, I do know that there isn’t enough love to go around in this world. Why we would waste time fighting to prevent people who love each other from officially recognizing that love is incomprehensible to me.

Oh mumble; who am I kidding? I know 100 percent exactly why this topic is coming up now. It’s to try and turn our attention away from the current problems facing the most inept administration in history (well, OK, Hoover still wins in that category). And look at the timing: Marriage Protection in June, the traditional month for marriage, and watch: we’ll see flag burning coming up in July.

I am so sick and tired of having the real issues that face our nation ignored in favor of discussing topics and proposing legislation that in the end will go nowhere and accomplish nothing. Would that our politicians put a tenth of this effort into matters that are serious, like declining children’s test scores, just to name one topic that will have repercussions down the line. America can’t maintain its’ technological lead if we stop educating our children.

So, what can you do? Read, listen, think, discuss and then, VOTE.

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