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Sunflower Journey Quilt Show

Favorite Quilts from Sunflower Journey Show

We attended the Sunflower Journey Quilt show in Abilene, Kansas in late March. I’d never been to a quilt show, so had little in the way of expectations. What we found was a very nice display of quilts and a few vendors. The most fascinating booth was the one where a computerized quilting machine was…

Learning to Quilt

Sunflower for Ukraine quilt block

Continuing were I left off last post, I’ve created a few new quilt blocks and I’ve done my first bit of actual quilting! I’ve created a number of different blocks over the past couple of months, which has taught me a lot. It’s also a lot of fun, especially in terms of being creative with…

Sew Far, Sew Good!

Another Quilt Block

In late January, I started teaching myself to sew. Following the traditions of my grandma, a noted quilter, and my mom, who sewed like many moms of the 60s, it’s something I’ve wanted to do for at least 20 years. I say 20 years, because that’s when we bought the machine shown below. A nice…

Southwest Scenery – Winter 2021

Sunset Moonrise at Monument Valley

In December, we took a trip out west to visit the kids and as has been our habit the past 20 years, we stopped a few places along the way. From west Kansas, through Colorado, Arizona and on to California, here are my favorite shots from the trip. After enduring the worst driving weather in…

Colorado Railroad Museum

Colorado Railroad Museum

Here are a few photos from the Colorado Railroad Museum. Located in Golden, Colorado, the. museum features a large outdoor collection of railroad engines and cars. There are a variety of older steam engines, including at least one functional unit! In addition, there are older diesel engines and a selection of freight and passenger cars….

All Hallows Eve


Enjoy these jack-o-lanterns, the first I’ve carved in a number of years. One of them is carved in the traditional manner and I tried something new on the other: I drilled a number of holes of varying sizes. Not really according to any pattern; just what looked good. Amazingly, these are hand-held shots, no tripod!…

50 Years of Postmaster Special Stamps – Part Two

US 100th Postal Anniversary - 1947

This is the second of a two-part series featuring a set of 9 special stamps issued by the United States Postal Service between 1934 and 1978. The first part covers the stamps issued from 1934 through 1937 and this post covers 1947 through 1978. U.S. #948 commemorates the 100th anniversary of America‚Äôs first postage stamps….